Use Professional and Expert Foundation Contractors for Your Foundation Repairs

The construction of a house or commercial building is important with the foundation being the focal point that is going to withstand the weight of the entire build. Whether you want a current concrete slab evaluated or your home needs foundation repairs, it is imperative that professional foundation contractors in Ocala, FL are called upon for their excellent services. Make sure your home or business is on solid ground, and protect your investment with foundation repairs
executed by experts.

Types of Foundation Repairs Covered by the Professionals

  • Home Foundation Repair
  • Commercial Foundation Repair
  • Sinkhole Remediation
  • Home Damage Restoration

What Can Be Expected from Expert Foundation Repair Specialists?

Expert foundation repair specialists that are serious about offering comprehensive and solid repairs use materials that are eco-friendly and durable enough to stand the test of time. This includes using steel piles that are meant to support foundations. Steel piles are perfect for new construction but can also be used to underpin existing structures. Foundation repair companies that have been in business for over forty years offer the utmost amount of experience using steel piles and understand how to install them best to their advantage.

Understanding the Steel Driven Pile System

The steel driven pile system uses powerful hydraulic cylinders to drive pilings with 70,000 pounds worth of driving force. This requires the use of high strength, heavy gauge carbon steel being used in tandem with a heavy guide sleeve that is wall independent. The process rifles piling into the soil until load-bearing strata or bedrock is reached, making the depth of the piles differ according to the geological formations beneath a foundation. Once the piles are set securely, then a foundation can be lifted to reach maximum practical recovery. The entire process will halt deterioration that would have otherwise continued to decline and ruin the foundation.

Other Solutions Include Helical Piles

Other solutions can include helical piles that are patented by professional foundation contractors. Helical piles were created to work well with certain types of soil, as well as for applications that are interior. Helix discs are spun into the soil with high torque from a hydraulic gear reduction motor until load-bearing strata is reached. Helix piles are a great solution for new construction that has underlying bad soil. They allow concrete to be poured the same day the helix piles are driven into the ground to offer secure and solid support. You can learn more about this process when you browse our website.

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