Use Agricultural Buildings in Manhattan, KS to Create Indoor Riding Arenas

An indoor riding arena ensures that your clients can continue to work their horses regardless of the weather outside. During the windy, snowy days of winter and the scorching hot summer afternoons, you have a safe place to keep your horses in shape. Agricultural buildings in Manhattan, KS provide an excellent structure for this purpose.


Use garage doors for entrances and exits


You might need to close up your indoor arena to prevent moisture from leaking in or to protect the interior from wind damage. Garage doors (also called overhead doors) installed on either side of the structure will give you that freedom. Make sure, however, that the garage doors you choose have sufficient dimensions to safely accommodate horses and riders. They usually require at least a foot of additional clearance, so talk with your contractor about the appropriate height for agricultural buildings in Manhattan, KS.


Select soft footing with cushioning materials


To protect your horses’ legs inside an indoor arena, a dirt floor with a mixture of shredded rubber or other cushioning material is safest. Your agricultural building cannot have a foundation (such as concrete)┬ábecause this could result in serious injuries.


Consider insulating the building


An indoor riding arena does not have to be insulated to be functional. However, insulation makes the interior more comfortable, especially during the winter. Garage doors (versus sliding doors) are more air-tight, so the two should be used in conjunction.


Determine whether you want an enclosed or open arena


If you are limited on funds, you might choose to create an open riding arena rather than an enclosed one. This is called a covered arena because two or more sides are exposed to the elements. In this case, you won’t need a door or windows, so the price drops considerably. With a covered arena, however, you will need to enclose it partially with a fence to keep horses and their riders contained. Both wooden and metal fences work well for this purpose.


Indoor riding arenas make your facility more attractive to potential clients. They also expand your riding area and give your clients more flexibility in deciding how they want to work their horses. Contact K-construction Inc to discuss your riding arena project or to obtain a custom quote. Visit

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