Updating a Home’s Look and Feel With New Siding in St. Charles, MO

Home improvement professionals generally recommend property owners replace worn or dated siding to keep up with maintenance and maximize their homes’ values. When unexplained drafts make home interiors uncomfortable or heating and cooling costs are getting out of hand, it makes sense to discuss siding options to mitigate the issues.

When to Update Old Siding

Some homeowners explore replacing old, dated-looking siding simply to improve the curb appeal of the property. That’s certainly a valid reason to replace Siding in St. Charles MO, but there are others as well. In some cases, old wood siding has been damaged by insects or impacts. In other instances, weathering has caused cracks, checks, and other issues with old siding. Older vinyl siding may have been damaged and not properly repaired. Anytime siding has deteriorated, it’s time to contact a siding professional to discuss repair or replacement options.

Take Time to Consider New Vinyl Siding Choices

At one point, vinyl siding was considered a cheap solution for replacing old siding. Unfortunately, some of the older vinyl siding options didn’t hold up as well as they should have. Today’s vinyl siding manufacturers have addressed the issues plaguing older iterations, and modern vinyl siding is expected to last for years with a minimal level of care. With many colors and styles currently offered, vinyl siding should be one of the first options considered when property owners explore siding replacement options.

Cutting Heating and Cooling Costs

Insulated versions of vinyl siding are now available, allowing homeowners to reduce heating and cooling costs while also enjoying their home’s exciting new look. Of course, every home’s needs vary, so it’s important to discuss whether installing insulated vinyl siding in St. Charles MO would be the best choice. Area siding professionals are more than happy to evaluate a home’s needs and discuss the pros and cons of various siding options with owners.

Top area contractors also offer a variety of other home exterior improvements, and it frequently pays to consider replacing old windows, doors, gutters, and even roofs when updating a home’s siding. Browse our website for more information about improving a home’s exterior or to schedule an evaluation of your home’s needs.

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