Understanding Voltage Sources

Businesses testing various products, such as transducers, lighting products, meters and transformers, require AC constant voltage sources to generate and maintain the necessary magnetic fields. Here are a few of the benefits of this particular voltage source.


Stable and Easy to Use

For commercial uses, these constant voltage sources must be stable and easy to use, but also designed to be compatible with linear circuitry. Some of the most standard models offered have an output range of 0-130 V rms, however, depending on your needs, other ranges can be supplied by various manufacturers. The frequency range for these voltage sources runs from a 47 Hz to 20K Hz. With a default output waveform of sine wave, these voltage sources can maintain a stable magnetic field.

Most constant sources start with the output waveform at the zero crossing point when they are being enabled. However, these constant voltage sources can be modified with additional features to fit a testing company’s specific needs.

Additional Features Available

Some of the additional features available, depending on the manufacturer, can including a DC control option, RS232 control option and a GPIB control option. If the AC constant voltage source needs to be transported outside of a traditional testing facility, then there are also portable versions offering field testing capabilities.

There are also monitoring circuits and dual output frequencies available. If your testing facility needs a higher output frequency, then it is important to search for a manufacturer that can provide that option. Dual frequency and square wave output may also be available, so do not hesitate to request it if needed.

Dimensions of Constant Current Sources

Most of these voltage sources are around 30 lbs, with a typical box shape. It is important that they be spaced so that the cooling mechanism is not blocked, to avoid overheating your investment.

If your company is in need of magnetic fields to complete the testing of various products, then AC constant voltage sources are a primary way to achieve the necessary results.

Amp-Line provides a wide variety of AC constant current sources, as well as multi-phase programmable power sources. The company also customizes a variety of output transformers for commercial and industrial applications.

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