Understanding the difference between truck and car accidents in the eye of the law

The key to successful defense or compensation case lies in the expert chosen to help with the case. Lawyers have different areas of specialization, and for you to choose the most appropriate one, it is important to understand what they do, especially in those fields of law that are related to each other. The fields of truck accident and car accident law can sometimes be confusing. Both cars and trucks can cause considerable harm on the highway, but there is a huge difference between the laws that govern car and truck accidents, and subsequently the compensation one might be entitled to from an at fault driver.

The Accidents
Before delving into the legalities of the different accidents, the first basic difference lies in the nature of the accidents and the potential for damage. Trucking accidents are normally more dangerous because of the sheer size of the trucks. The injuries in accidents that involve trucks are normally highly likely to be permanent or cause permanent conditions than those in the smaller vehicles. Still, this does not mean that an accident caused by a car should be regarded as any less significant than that caused by a truck. The forensic skill required is also much bigger for the trucking accident than for the car accidents.

Another huge difference between the two lies in the liability. Motor vehicle accident lawyers normally only deal with situations where the driver is held liable, unless the vehicle had some sort of defect. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the driver to know and follow all the rules of the road, and accept responsibility for their actions on it. On the other hand, for every Truck accident in North Carolina, the trucking company almost always takes part of the responsibility for the accident. In fact, in some situations, they might be found even more liable than the driver themselves for the accident. For instance, if the driver was improperly trained on how to handle company truck or if the company did not follow the rules and regulations of the state or government in keeping the vehicle in drivable condition, then the court will likely hold the carrier company accountable. Like us at Facebook

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