Understanding Medical Malpractice Laws From a Medical Malpractice Attorney in Wichita KS

This is the scenario. You went in for a tonsillectomy, and the surgeon accidentally damages your vocal cords. Another scenario, your pregnant wife goes in to deliver your twins, and something goes wrong in the delivery room. One of the twins didn’t make it. As you may know, it is possible that the surgeon failed to perform his or duties to the fullest. You have a lawsuit on your hands, and there is a Medical Malpractice Attorney in Wichita KS who wants to tell you what your options are.

In the state of Kansas, you should make yourself aware of the laws around medical malpractice. First of all, the laws concerning such are not particularly geared towards the plaintiff. You will have a tough time proving your case. Nonetheless, if you have been damaged, injured or otherwise affected, you need to pursue your case; you just need to be sure that you understand the law. The second thing to remember is that the statute of limitations has a two year window from the date of the injury, or from the reasonable date that the injury should have been discovered. Any time after this two period and your case will be thrown out in most instances.

You are not required to file any notice to the defendant of your intent to sue. What will happen, however, is the forming of a medical panel, if requested. The panel will consist of a health care provider that the plaintiff chooses, one that the defendant will choose, a health care provider chosen as mutually agreeable by both sides, and a court appointed attorney.

Ace Law in Wichita, Kansas practices law which includes representing many medical malpractice suits. They work with many law firms practicing medical malpractice who also have the financial means to aid in doing things for you, such as ordering reports or obtaining evaluations by experts for your particular case. Don’t put off getting representation for your medical malpractice case. Each day is ticking away at your statute of limitations.

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