Uncover Mysteries of Ancient Civilizations on Machu Picchu Hikes

Situated high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, the mysterious and ancient Manchu Picchu awaits you. This highly sought after destination is rare, and people hike far distances to visit. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are many different trails for Machu Picchu hikes. For people who prefer a less rigorous expedition, there are tours by train. Hiking engages the senses and allows people to understand how the landscape and weather shaped the lives of the ancient Incan society.

Choosing a Trail

There are many trails that lead to Machu Picchu. Depending on which trail you choose, your hike in could be just over 9 miles (15 kilometers) or up to 26 miles (42 kilometers). The benefit of taking a longer trail is that you will be able to see other Incan sites along the way as well as local Peruvian communities. These communities are mostly farmers and herders of alpaca and sheep who live very remotely and raise families. The most famous trail is the classic Inca trail. Alpaca Expeditions offers many different trail options that vary in difficulty and length. The Machu Picchu hikes include local site visits that have a rich and exciting history adding to your overall experience and understanding of the Inca.

Choosing a Guide

Hiking in the Andes Mountains should only be done with an experienced and licensed guide. Machu Picchu hikes tours by Alpaca Expeditions offer 2-7 day private and group expeditions complete with camping gear and food. The guides are locals that know the trails and history in-depth, as well as the safest ways to travel. The guides are equipped with a Green Army of ‘porters’ that carry the supplies to each camp site including portable camping toilets. Your meals are freshly cooked and after your hike in, you are transported back by train and bus. Alpaca Expeditions guides are highly trained, trusted and rated on tripadvisor.com. It is important to have a trustworthy and knowledgeable guide when trekking into the rainforest, which has a different set of operating rules. Keep in mind that you will be exposed to new things including high altitude, physical exertion over an extended period of time and possibly extreme weather all in a remote location. Therefore, it is essential to choose a guide company
with a pristine reputation.

Learning about Ancient Cultures

The best way to learn about an ancient culture on Machu Picchu hikes is from your guide. They are dedicated to sharing the history and culture of the area with each traveler so you have enriching experiences that help you understand the mysteries of the ancient Incan culture. You will pass through other Peruvian communities that still speak Quechua , the ancient language of the Incan. You may even be able to see a sacred Incan ceremony, still performed by locals, four times per year with the seasonal changes.

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