Types of Services Offered by Home Care to the Elderly

If you were given a choice between living in your home or moving into a healthcare facility, which would you choose? You just nodded your head and said home, didn’t you? That is how most older Americans feel as well. Luckily, the newest trend is for the aging is to seek elderly care services in Santa Cruz, CA. When a family hears “My stairs are hard to climb” or “I don’t need to eat much, a can of soup is all I need for supper,” they become concerned. As a person grows older it can become difficult keeping up with their household chores, their shopping, and meal preparation. Taking care of an elderly family member can become too much for a family as their needs for care increase.

Help Needed
The range of services that can be offered for elderly care means that you can get help with almost anything that might be necessary.

  • If help is needed in the areas of hair care, bathing or dressing there are personal care services.
  • Help with cooking, laundry and light housekeeping can be provided and take a weight off your shoulders.
  • Most home care companies offer services in shopping for food and other products if needed or when it becomes a necessity.
  • Some older people can become confused when it comes to managing their money or paying their bills. Elderly care managers can be very helpful in those cases, but be very sure you have chosen carefully.
  • Home care staff can provide daily reminders for medication regimes as well. In some cases, agencies offer home health aides which can administer the required medications.
  • You might find that you or your aging parent may begin to have difficulties with mobility like getting up out of a chair or getting to appointments. Those are services that can be provided as well.

If you are looking for elderly care services, Pacific Angels Home Care is more than capable of meeting your needs.

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