Types Of Restaurant Table Tents

Menus come in different options. They are available in different styles and types. Depending upon personal taste, budget and restaurant theme, you can choose to display your menu in a classic leather folder or in heat-sealed menu covers. You may also decide to opt for a simple, but versatile option – restaurant table tents.

What Are Restaurant Table Tents?

Restaurant table tents are, simplistically put, a form of menu placed on bars, countertops and tables. They are menus that stand up. While it is possible for them to display the restaurant’s entire menu offerings, this is rare. Usually, they provide the customers or guests with special offerings, drinks, desserts or event upcoming events.

These items are known for their tantalizing images of desserts and specials. The depictions alone are usually enough to get customers salivating. In general, restaurant table tents are colorful, varied in shape and serve many practical and beneficial purposes.

Basic Styles of Restaurant Table Tents

Restaurant table tents come in different styles. Essentially two major types or styles are used in various restaurants. These are the:

  • A-Frame: A clear, one or two-sided holder. The meus are easily exchanged by removing and placing the menu card in from the top.
  • Triangle Frame: Similar to the A-Frame, however, this stand up has three sides.

Materials also vary. They may be soft or acrylic. They may be clear or colored. It all depends upon what the purpose is. Custom-made or stock versions are available. You are also able to find them in various price ranges. This makes them accessible to any restaurant’s budget.

Why Choose Table Tents?

Restaurant owners have several reasons behind their preference for table tents. Experts in the business including managers and researchers not the following to be the most common:

  • To promote specials of the day
  • To provide a list of drinks and desserts
  • To promote events such as benefits, birthday party packages, comedians, catering services, live bands, party rentals and related special events
  • Inexpensive promotional tools
  • To act as a complement to your menu
  • To provide more upsells than your traditional menu is capable of doing on its own

Essentially, managers choose restaurant table tents over other means for one simple reason. They are promotional tools that actually work.

Restaurant Table Stands

You require perfection in every area if you want to make your restaurant a success. Every step you take must work towards this goal. Menu engineering is one way to accomplish this. Look at every aspect of menu presentation available to you. In the battle for communicating the right message to your clients, it just may be that restaurant table stands offer you the best possible option.

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