Types Of Mattresses Available In Lafayette

Everyone knows what a mattress is and that it can keep you comfortable throughout the night. They also know that it’s time to buy a new one when it starts sagging, or you’ve had it for over seven to ten years. However, many people still don’t know the types of mattresses available in Lafayette, especially if they are creatures of habit and tend to choose the same things over and over. Therefore, it may be helpful to learn about the various options and when they’d best suit you.


An innerspring mattress uses a steel coil system for support. They come in various systems, such as springs connected in a single unit, individually wrapped coils and more. The number of coils, design, and shape can all vary and will be covered by upholstery or padding, which can include foam and others.


A hybrid mattress usually combines an innerspring support system with some foam, such as polyurethane, memory foam or latex.


Waterbeds use no springs or coils, and instead you’ll sleep on water inside a material cover. Anytime you move, the water will be disturbed and can be difficult to get in and out.


A Foam mattress uses some type of foam for your support. They offer various densities and shapes and may provide heat dissipation and more comfort than traditional mattresses.


Those living in Lafayette may want to consider a gel mattress, which uses both gel and foam to create the ultimate sleep system.


Air beds come in multiple varieties, and most people are familiar with camping beds. However, traditional beds for regular bedrooms will include an air chamber covered by upholstery or padding materials and can also include different fibers and foam. These beds are adjustable, so each side can be controlled separately to meet changing needs and individual needs of couples, but they still look like regular beds.

Memory Foam

Memory foam, also called Visco elastic foam, uses polyurethane foam in the support system. In some cases, it will be in the upholstery layer and as the support system, but it can also be one or the other. It is called memory foam because it contours to the body of the person sleeping and, over time, will “remember” their body. Movement will not disturb the rest of the bed, so partners will not feel you get up or move, making it a popular choice for couples.

Mattresses in Lafayette come in many types and sizes. Visit Mattress Direct now to find your perfect bed.

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