Types Of Benches Including Breezesta Benches

In the world, there are different types of benches. While some sport names such as the Breezesta Horizon Bench, it does not categorize them. While many sort them according to the material e.g. wood, metal, plastic, or poly wood, others prefer to identify them through their purpose. It is one way of distinguishing one bench from another without relying on materials used to suit the use to which each bench is placed.

Different Types of Benches

Often benches are simply named for the place they are employed or placed. This is a practical approach that does not take into consideration either the specific design of the bench nor its materials. Among the basic types or categories of benches are found the following types. They may be made of wrought iron or wood or, as is the case with the Breezesta Horizon Bench, of poly wood. While the material will have some impact on the preferred usage, it is still what a bench is used for that is remembered by the public, including:

1. Park Benches: These are not noted for their size, however, they have been designed to fit more than a single person. Their purpose is to do so within the confines of a mark. In many cases, these benches are made of wrought iron or wood. They tend to the basic color schemes or lack of same.

2. Garden Benches: These tend to be longer benches providing people with more space between or alone. As is the case with park benches, they tend to be of wood or metal.

3. Picnic Tables: Picnic tables have benches, although few of us tend to call them that. Usually, they are attached to the table part. These are usually made from wood, although a few are being constructed out of poly wood in a fashion similar to that involved in the production of the Breezesta Horizon Bench.

4. Resting Benches: A term that can be applied to those benches located in public and private spaces such as museums. They can be backless versions or feature arm rests and backs. They may be composed of metal, wood, wicker, plastic or even poly wood, like Breezesta Horizon Bench. They allow people to relax and stare at the flow of people or the art works and exhibits on display.

5. Scenic Benches: These can also be park or garden benches. When placed along or besides a scenic view, they sport this name as an indication of their purpose. Wood seems to be the major component. Size varies but they, like all true benches, seat more than one person.

6. Storage Benches: These are benches that perform double duty. They act as a bench while allowing its owner to store items within it. They can be decorative and placed in a home or more functionally positioned in a workshop or creative artisan shop or. They can even be used in a garden or form part of an outdoor furniture set.

Breezesta Horizon Bench

The Breezesta Horizon Bench is one bench that could be utilized in many of the situations that define or categorize benches. As a durable, weather proof item of furniture, it can withstand the elements. Easily maintained, they do not require touch ups of paint or lose their color at all. As to fitting in a specific usage category, it is safe to say that the Breezesta Horizon Bench is suitable for them all.

If you are searching for a practical, stylish piece of furniture for your outdoor garden or patio, look no further than the Breezesta Horizon Bench. This is one in a long line of notable décor and affordable home and outdoor furniture available. To learn more about the products offered, and their commitment to the public, their furniture and the environment. You can also visit their Facebook page for more information.

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