Tricks and Traps the Insurance Companies Use

If you have been involved in an accident, one thing to keep in mind is that the insurance provider and its adjustors aren’t on your side. They’re your adversaries and they only have one purpose: to maximize the insurance provider’s profits by paying you as little as they can.

To accomplish this goal, insurance providers use numerous strategies made to win your confidence and persuade you to accept a lower settlement than the claim really is worth. You might’ve already encountered a few of these:

Pretending to be a Friend

Most times, insurance adjustors are going to tell you they’re doing everything possible to get you paid as much as they can and as rapidly as they can. They may be very friendly and might make a few follow up calls to ‘ensure you’re doing okay’ or to ‘check if there’s anything else they are able to do.’

Do not be fooled. Adjustors are skilled at establishing a friendly relationship with victims of injuries. If they’re successful, they’re more likely to persuade you to accept a settlement that is favorable to the insurance provider.

Providing a Fast Settlement with Full Release

Frequently, insurance adjustors offer victims cash on the spot in exchange for a full claim release—before you have an opportunity to even visit a physician or are able to know the full extent of the injuries.

Do not accept their offer. You can’t know what a claim is worth until you know what your injuries are, whether you’ll require future medical care, or are going to have additional needs related to the injuries. It’s better to consult a lawyer who is able to help you decide what the claim is worth.

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