Tricking Up Your Canopy Tent

Canopy, marque, pavilion, and tent. These are all terms that are used to describe much the same items – canopy tents. While they may differ in terms of sizes, portability, and intended usage, they are essentially the same thing. In other words, they are all multi-purpose shelters that act as devise to keep heat, insects, the rain and wind for us while we sit outside, enjoy a party, read, vegetate or sell things.

Canopy tents are different. They do come in various sizes. You can shop online or visit a specialty store and buy or rent these temporary structures. You may consider purchasing any of the following:

* Pop-up tents

* Pole tents

* Frame tents

* Tension tents

* Garden Tents

* Gazebo Tents

* Carport Tents

* Party tents

While the uses and types may overlap, while many models may look identical, this gives you the chance to make a statement. You can look at canopy tents and accept them for what they are, or you can trick them up.

Canopy Tents with a Difference

There is a variety of ways you can take a simple canopy tent and make it unique or at least a little different. An essential way of accomplishing starts with your decision to go with either a peaked or squared top. When you have decided, opt for a color that will make, it stand out. Stripes are standard, but, if you own it, consider dying it or tying strips of ribbons to add a flourish. This works particularly well with a peaked top. You can add odd sized pieces of colors or applique different patterns, colors or objects or even use special paint on it. This, of course, is not acceptable if your tent is part of a juried craft show or particular craft fairs. For such events, canopy tents must conform to a particular color and style.

Even if you leave the colors for the top as is, consider what you can do with the sidewalls. Many canopy tents do not come with these. They are often sold separately. If such is the case, jazz them up. Make them colorful. Give them that little extra that says they are not only practical but also attractive.

Some of the side walls even have faux windows. Consider adding tinted or patterned glass/plastic to give them an original look. Experiment with other ideas to make the overall look inside and out, truly unique and memorable. Hang flowers – if the structure is sturdy enough or trains ivy or other climbing plants to weave their way up the walls and supports outside. As for furniture – use what is suitable for the occasion, but have it reflect a genuine, intriguing look at life and events. Do more than make chairs, tables and couches fancy. Make them stand out as unforgettable pieces in an art performance.

Canopy Tents: Practical and Memorable

Canopy tents give you a somewhat rare chance to combine the practical with the memorable. The structure and its various accessories allow you to provide shelter fending off the elements and insects. At the same time, you can take the sometimes plain canvas (pun intended) and add to it your flourishes and flashes. In this manner, you can quickly turn the most average of canopy tents into unique and appealing statements.

Canopy Tents provide the ideal covering for many different types of events. At Canopy Mart, we provide our customers with a vast variety of high-quality recreational covers and canopy products. With customer service next to one in excellence, it is not hard to see why we have customers returning again and again.

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