Tree Removal in the Bronx, NY Prevents Property Damage and Pest Infestations

Mature trees make every landscape look better. They provide shade and help keep the environment clean. However, they can be hit with a pest infestation and die. A dead tree is both unsightly and dangerous. Limbs can fall on roofs and cars. Wind and rain can easily blow the entire tree over. If it falls on a power line during a storm, it can cause an inconvenient power outage. A termite infestation can easily spread from the dead tree to a nearby home. Prompt Tree Removal in Bronx NY will prevent these problems.


A homeowner may be tempted to take their power saw and cut the tree down themselves. This isn’t a wise decision. The tree may fall in an unexpected direction. This could cause property damage or personal injury. Hiring a professional company that performs Tree Removal in Bronx NY ensures that the job is done safely and quickly. A trained arborist will arrive with all of the equipment he needs. If it is a very large tree, he may need a bucket truck to safely cut it down. He will know how to rig the upper branches to prevent them from falling and causing unexpected damage.


Professionals can make quick work of the stump and roots as well. It is a mistake for the homeowner to decide to leave the stump in place. It can attract termites and other unwanted pests. Tree Removal experts in the Bronx NY can easily grind down the stump and remove the tree roots. This can leave a hole several feet deep. The arborist will be able to recommend a new tree species to fill the hole. Homeowners often make the mistake of selecting a tree that is too large for their lot. The arborist understands how trees grow and will select one that won’t cause problems in the future.


Some homeowners decide that they don’t want a tree. The tree removal company can landscape the area with sod or help them plan a bright and cheerful flower garden. In a few weeks the spot will have filled in and no one will be able to tell that a tree was once there.

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