Tree Removal – Choosing the Perfect Tree Services for Your Lawn

Is your lawn becoming overcrowded with trees? Does it look more like a forest than a garden? If so, it might be worth looking into tree removal services. A well-watered tree will mature well and will be healthy, whereas a poorly maintained tree might die as a result of Sudden Oak Death Syndrome (SOD). This disease is spread by wind-blown rain and in the event that treatment is not successful, tree removal will be necessary to prevent the fungus-like pathogen from spreading to other species. Feel satisfied with the services you receive by knowing what to look for.

Does the Company Look Professional?

First impressions really do count and so you should avoid working with a company that fails to impress when you communicate with or visit them in the initial stages. Trucks are required for tree removal jobs of all sizes and these trucks should be maintained regularly for safety purposes. Is the truck taken care of? Is it clean and dent-free? Cleanliness and good bodywork are two indications that the truck drivers are good drivers. Aim to find a company with a website, because websites are a useful tool for reading customer reviews and checking out available services.

Do the Crew Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE, is a form of protective clothing and gear that must be worn by tree surgeons. The crew should demonstrate that they wear safety goggles, gloves, eye protection, safety helmets, safety harnesses and high-visibility clothing, as well as respiratory equipment to protect the lungs from exposure to wood dust. A tree removal company that uses PPE will take the utmost care to follow health and safety procedures, so you can trust them to get the job done properly.

Can They Provide an Accurate Estimate?

Nobody wants to have to hand over more money than they expected to pay for tree services. To avoid surprises, shop around to find a company that can accurately estimate the overall cost, including transportation costs, equipment and labour. Some things that might affect the cost include what part of the tree is being operated on, such as the trunk, branches or stump, as well as the condition of the tree and whether or not the tree is classed as a softwood or hardwood.

Looking for a fully insured company to assist with tree removal? Work with All Tree Care – an insured company that uses the safest techniques. Call 02 9417 0441 to discuss wooding requirements.

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