Tree Pruning in West Linn, OR Is Necessary for Healthy Plant Growth

For an average homeowner, it can be difficult to assess which trees need to be trimmed and which trees to leave alone. Some people believe their trees do not need to be trimmed at all. However, there are plenty of reasons why your trees can benefit from tree pruning in West Linn, OR.

Preventing Further Deterioration

Proper trimming improves the health of trees by getting rid of branches that are dying or dead. These branches are often dangerous. Therefore, removing them lessens the risk of harm to the people on your property as well as to the property itself. Tree pruning also prevents further decay of a tree.

In addition, tree pruning improves the overall appearance and structure of your trees. In turn, the trees will maintain healthy and strong branches. As a result, a good trim prevents tree limbs from crossing one another and competing for space in the area of the crown.

An Increase in Ventilation

True pruning also increases sun exposure and ventilation throughout the tree as well as the surrounding landscape. You just need to watch for signs of sunscald, which can affect deciduous and leafless trees in the winter months.

Other Major Benefits

Pruning trees can also improve the quantity and size of trees. Fruit trees, in particular, should be pruned in the late winter for shape. This will also help expose the center to the light of the sun. Newly planted trees need to be pruned as well to compensate for any root loss and to train the tree for shape. Tree trimming can also open up your landscape and improve the overall view.

Who to Contact

Different trees need to be pruned at various times of the year. For further details, you need to refer to such websites as That way, you can obtain all the information you need in order to care for the trees on your property.

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