Top Tips for Teaching Your College Student About Money

Everyone who has ever sent a kid to college knows that it can be a financially dangerous time for kids. Oftentimes, it’s the first time they have lived away from home and even handled their own expenses and bills. It’s really easy for them to mess up and ruin their credit early in life and many of them do just that before their college years are over. While there are cash advance loans to help them if they are in a pinch, they still need to be taught the value of money by their parents before they leave the nest. For some top tips on teaching your college student about money, read the article below.

Talk with Them About Money

Many parent’s make the mistake of not talking to their children about money and it comes back to haunt them when they set out on their own. Sit your college student down and explain money to them. Discuss issues such as how you are going to pay for their college, or what could happen if they dropped out of college and didn’t pursue a career. Let them know that money problems do, and are going to happen throughout their lives.

Teach Them to Budget

When kids are in college, most parent’s cut the allowance out, but you will still be sending them money for books, their food, and even the clothes they wear. It’s best to sit them down before they leave and explain how to budget, so that they get the most out of the money that you are sending them each month. If they learn how to budget now, it will be much easier on them when they are out of college and out on their own.

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