Top Four Tips on How to Reduce Energy Consumed By Your Air Conditioning in Norman

An air conditioning system plays an essential role in any commercial or residential establishment. It helps to maintain indoor temperatures at manageable levels. Air conditioning systems can consume more energy than other electrical appliances especially in the peak season. Specifically, it is estimated that an air conditioning contributes to almost 70 percent of an electricity bill during the summer. Here are some measures you can take to lower the amount of energy consumed by your Air Conditioning in Norman.

Use an AC unit of the Right Size

A small air conditioner in a large room and vice versa can reduce its effectiveness, and thus increase your monthly energy bills. It is important to understand that installing a larger air conditioner does not mean that the room will cool faster. The ideal size can be determined by comparing the number of square feet that need cooling with the capability of the machine.

Insulation around the House

Another way you can reduce the energy consumed by your air conditioning unit is by taking care of the insulation around your house. To enhance the efficiency of your AC unit, the cool air generated by your device should not be allowed to escape from the room. To achieve this, consider using weather strips around doors and windows. If you are using a central air conditioning system, ensure the basement area is completely sealed. Storm windows also need to be shut out tightly, and any gaps sealed.

Keep Warm Appliances Away

It is highly advisable that you keep warm appliances such as iron boxes, computers or televisions away from the thermostat. This ensures that the heat radiating from these devices does not undermine the efficient of the air conditioning system.

Maintain Your Air Conditioning System Regularly

Regular maintenance of your AC ensures it is functioning optimally and helps to reduce energy consumption. Ensure that the air filter is cleaned once every month.

These are just some of the major ways you can reduce energy consumed by your AC unit. Additionally, you should ensure that your device is regularly inspected by a qualified AC expert. For additional information about Air Conditioning in Norman, Contact Excel Mechanical Plumbing Heating and Air.

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