Tips to Make Water Heater Installation in Southaven Easier

The old water heater is on the way out the door, and a new one will be delivered shortly. In order to make this process of new water heater installation in Southaven uncomplicated, it pays to make some preparations in advance. Here are some tips that will help.

Drain the Old Heater

Before the plumber shows up with the new water heater, drain the tank in the old one and shut off the water supply to the unit. This will make it all the easier for the professional to disconnect the old unit and get it out of the way. Keep in mind that the sooner the old heater is resting comfortably outside, the sooner that the new one will be up and running.

Prepare the House

Moving water heaters in and out can be a messy job. It will help immensely if the homeowner puts down some plastic drop cloths that help to protect the carpeting and floors. Anything that would make it hard for the plumber to maneuver the old heater out of the house and bring in the new one should also be moved. The goal is to provide a clear path to and from the place where the new heater is to be installed.

Give the Plumber Some Room

Rest assured that the plumber knows exactly how to deal with a water heater installation in Southaven and does not need any supervision. Refrain from looking over his or her shoulder, and find something to do in a nearby room. The goal is to be far enough away to not be a hindrance, but close enough that the plumber can call out if the plumber does need to ask a question or provide some sort of information to the homeowner.

For anyone facing the need to replace an aging water heater, it pays to work with the team at Drain Go Plumbing. They can make suggestions for new designs that are compact, energy efficient, and will last for a long time. The team can also oversee the removal of the old heater and the installation of the new one, ensuring that everything is done in compliance with local building and safety codes.

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