Tips to Find the Best Glasses Frames in Manhattan

For a number of glasses wearers, the most important aspect of selecting Glasses Frames in Manhattan is how they look on a person’s face. While there is always the option to try on every, single pair of glasses in a store to see how they look, this is not really practical. Taking the time to narrow down the options ahead of time will help make this decision a bit easier.

Face Shapes and Eyeglass Frames

There are three primary points to consider when selecting Glasses Frames in Manhattan for a particular face shape:

1. The eyewear should mimic the person’s best feature (green frames to match green eyes)
2. The shape of the frame should contrast the shape of the face
3. The frame needs to be in scale with the size of the face

While the majority of faces will be a combination of angles and shapes, there are seven primary face shapes including square, round, diamond, oval, base-up triangle, oblong and base-down triangle. Taking some time to determine what shape a face is will help the person know what shape of glasses will offer a nice contrast. Visit the website to get more details.

The Color Affect

There are also a number of things to remember when it comes to selecting Glasses Frames in Manhattan in terms of the color. Everyone has either a warm -; yellow based coloring -; or cool -; blue based coloring. Each person will look the best when they stay in their own color base. It is important to choose eyewear in a color that complements their personal coloring. The primary factors that determine what color palette to use will be to look at the color of the hair, eyes and skin.

More information about selecting the best glasses frames can be found by contacting Charlotte Jones Opticians. Knowing what to look for ahead of time can minimize the time spent browsing all the different frame options. Keep in mind, everyone will have a different like and opinion, so the person who has to wear the glasses should choose something they like. This will help them feel more satisfied with their selection and more confident in the glasses when they wear them.

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