Tips on How to Hire a Reliable Plumber in Atlanta

Anyone who has experienced problems with his sewer system, a broken toilet, faulty appliances or broken pipes will undoubtedly tell you that a plumber is a hero. Atlanta is never short of plumbers, but not all of them meet the hero standards. Hire someone who can fix your water heater to a point where it is hard to differentiate between the repaired appliance and a new one. So what is it that makes a plumber reliable? Click Here for more details.

License and insurance

Despite your desperation to see your toilet get fixed, always ask for a license before allowing a plumber to start his task. A license guarantees that you are dealing with a person who is legally permitted by the state to carry out plumbing. It also removes any doubts and worries that you might be dealing with a con. Insurance is important, as it covers for any damage caused on your property due to the plumber’s actions, even if his actions are accidental. On the other hand, if any damage occurs to your property as a result of the plumber’s action and he doesn’t have an insurance cover, you, and not the plumber, will be responsible for the damage.


It is very tempting to hire a plumber Atlanta who has low charges for his services. It is better to think twice when the deal is too good to be true. Plumbing experts are always expensive to hire because of their high standards and admirable reputation. Despite their high charges, they always deliver. Plumbers that ask for low hourly rates may not be as good as their prices. They could be in less demand because of poor performances and therefore try to lure clients with low charges.

Response Service

A reliable plumber knows that his client is his employer. He responds to any call from a potential client within hours, not days. If you make a call to a plumbing company and they take days to send in a plumber, you can as well reject their services. RS Andrews Atlanta is one of the companies that provide plumbing services 24 hours a day. A 24-hour service is important because you will never know when your pipes will burst.

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