Tips on Evaluating Commercial Movers in Lancaster PA

When a commercial move is needed, careful planning is required to ensure that a business does not experience downtime that can lead to financial losses or problems for clients and customers. That is why it is important to do research on commercial movers. Lancaster PA businesses should seek companies that employ moving professionals that can provide expert guidance at every phase of the move. If you run a business in Lancaster PA and need a commercial mover, the following are some key services that you should expect the company you hire to provide:

* Pre-move planning
* Decluttering
* Secure property handling
* Electronics disconnect and reconnect
* Post-move clean-up

Pre-move Panning
A pre-move guide or kit complete with the information you should know and checklists to help you get organized will save time and money. Anticipating the move can be stressful enough so you need tools that will help you put your plans on paper. Additionally, when shopping for a commercial mover, inquire about commercial moving planners. These employees can visit and evaluate your site and help you determine what resources you will need for an efficient move.

If you are moving to a new site, it may be because your current site is too small. You certainly don’t want to move items you don’t need to your new site. The mover you hire should help you get rid of useless clutter or items you do not need by disposing of them or by recycling if the items fit recycling guidelines.

Secure Property Handling
Commercial movers should demonstrate the ability to secure your property from the time it leaves your current site until it reaches its destination. This means that if temporary storage is needed, your furnishings and equipment are placed in a unit with around-the-clock security. If the move involves computers, files and sensitive information, these items should be packed and secured to protect them from damage or security breaches.

Electronics Disconnect and Reconnect
Movers should be knowledgeable about disconnecting and reconnecting electronics. This means making sure that all equipment, peripherals, and cords are organized before the move and set up properly after the move.

Post-move Cleanup
You want your business up and running as soon as possible after a move. When your commercial mover offers Post-move cleanup, you won’t need to worry about finding places to store moving boxes, trash and other items that can clutter your space and make it hard to navigate in your new space.

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