Tips From A Mining Tire Dealer in St. George, UT

Buying tires for mining trucks and equipment is not a procedure that should be done haphazardly with little research. Mining tires can cost tens of thousands of dollars each, so it is certainly in the best interests of the buyer to make sure they know exactly what type of tire they will need. A mining tire dealer in St. George UT has suggested some of the following tips.

  • Make sure to consider what type of soil the tires will be driven in. Depending on the type of soil, the tires may be traditional air-filled ones or solid construction. Solid tires face no dangers of being penetrated by sharp rocks or other hazards often found in extreme mining conditions. If there is a significant amount of moisture in the soil, treads are preferred as they have better traction in muddy or oil-soaked terrain or underground environments.
  • The load-bearing strength of the tire is also something that must be considered. Mining is a business that needs extremely durable tires, but the weights of loads can vary significantly. Make sure the tires being considered can hold up to the stresses of potentially thousands of tons of loads on a regular basis.
  • Temperatures increase the deeper in the earth the equipment goes, so it is crucial that the tire is able to handle extreme temperatures. It may be icy on the top soil but hot once the machine starts moving further down. A trustworthy and quality tire designed for mining should be able to handle these varying conditions.
  • Ensure that the warranty on the tires is satisfactory. When investing in something is expensive and crucial to the job site as mining tires, this is not something that should be overlooked or glossed over.
  • Make sure the company the tires are purchased from can provide on-site inspections if need be. This service goes a long way to assessing exactly what kind of tire is needed and what compound they may need to be made from.

Contacting an experienced and reliable Mining Tire Dealer in St. George UT such as CMC Tires will ensure that the purchasing process goes smoothly. A trained staff and in-depth knowledge of the product is called for, so don’t settle for less.

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