Tips for Window Installation in Overland Park KS

Even the best windows won’t look or work as well as they should if they are incorrectly installed, and they can end up using more energy instead of less. Below is some expert advice on selecting the best windows and the right company to install them.

Find a Manufacturer-Certified Installer

Some manufacturers recommend Window Installation Overland Park KS by companies that are certified and trained to use their products. Hiring the same contractor for supply and installation can prevent blame-shifting if a problem occurs later. When choosing a contractor, find out how they resolve complaints, and look for those certified by the American Window and Door Institute.

Practice Due Diligence

Even if the window installer is certified or trained by the manufacturer, customers should still check their references and consult the BBB website for comments and ratings. Get the company’s name and address, and find out how long it’s been in business. The company should be willing to furnish proof of licensing and insurance, and they should have a warranty on parts and installation.

Learn What’s to be Expected

Seasoned window installers should be able to tell customers how long the job will take. It’s better for new windows to be installed immediately after the old ones are removed, and the installer should measure the replacement windows before taking out the old ones. If the contractor isn’t willing to follow this step, think twice about hiring them-;if there are issues, the homeowner could be left with holes in their home for weeks.

Concentrate on the Details

When getting new windows, homeowners should get multiple quotes and compare them carefully. Each quote should include specific information, such as window brand, size, type, number and additional features. The quotes should also include info on window insulation and sealing, with a complete breakdown of material and labor cost. If the homeowner wants to paint near the new windows, they should ask the contractor to use latex-acrylic caulk. Lastly, the homeowner should ensure that the new windows work properly before replacing interior trim.

New windows can add functionality, energy efficiency and curb appeal to a home, but there are certain things people should do before installation. By following the tips given here, clients who Contact Energy Pro Windows & Siding can go through Window Installation in Overland Park KS without excess hassle.

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