Tips For Selecting The Right Paddle Mixer

In almost all commercial or industrial types of mixing processes, particularly for combining wet and dry ingredients or sticky ingredients, a paddle mixer is by far the best possible choice.

With large industrial designs, even the heaviest of dough, semi-solid, or slurry types of materials can be effectively combined with within the bin. With the larger paddles compared to ribbons, there is more complete mixing and less chance of the ingredients failing to mix properly or simply causing problems with the paddles being able to turn.

To find the right paddle mixer there are important factors to consider. As with all commercial mixing equipment having the features you need combined with the required horsepower and configuration are going to be the key considerations.

Speed and Power

The speed and power of a paddle mixer will be essential in any type of batch mixing requirements. The best way to choose the right model and design is to consider the mixing capacity in cubic feet. This will determine the horsepower required to maintain a consistent speed on the paddles to get the job done.

It is no surprise that the higher the mixing capacity per cubic foot the higher the horsepower requirements. Also, look for the speed settings available on the paddle mixer to determine if it provides the selections required for a specific mixing application.

Bin Size

While the mixing capacity is essential, so is the bin size and how it will fit into a current production configuration. The larger the bin size the larger the batches can be, but there is also more of a space requirement for these models.

In addition to size, it is also critical to consider the inlet configuration. With many applications the paddle mixer will be filled manually, which means the lid and bin area have to be easy to access and fill. Other systems may require connection to an existing conveyor system for filling, which will include the use of different types of lids and inlets.

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing the right paddle mixer, once you have calculated the size and the power requirements, is to look for a top company. Choose a company offering top quality mixers, customization options and an excellent range of customer service support both during the purchase as well as after the sale is complete.

To make it easier for our customers, H.C Davis Sons Manufacturing Co., Inc. offers a full line of paddle mixer models for all types of commercial and industrial applications. We offer different drive options and can help you to select the right mixer for your needs.

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