Tips For Purchasing AR15 Magazines For The First Time

Two of the first things that new AR15 owners tend to buy are ammunition and magazines. Getting quality options in both of these essential elements for your weapon are important.

Before buying AR15 magazines online, it is important to know the laws in your state as well as any applicable local laws. Even though most areas will allow a thirty round mag, many shooters do not feel the need to carry this much ammunition. The may opt for the smaller 20 or even a 10-round magazine and simply carry an extra with them in a backpack or their gear.

How much shooting you plan to do for the day is a big factor in choosing AR15 magazines. For target shooting and a day on the range, the larger mags are ideal and eliminate the need to reload the mag. On the other hand, a day spent hunting and walking over rough terrain often is better when the weapon is as light as possible.

Cheap in Cost is Cheap in Quality

Regardless of the type of material, the magazines are made of, and they can be polymer, aluminum or steel or combinations of these materials, there are quality made options and cheaply made options.

It is often very difficult to tell from the outside, but if the follower, spring and the lip are not quality, there will be problems with bullets loading or staying in the magazine until they pushed into the breach.

Magazines Impact Performance

Some of the cheap AR15 magazines are designed and manufactured to have an incorrect tilt. When the follower, the part the holds the cartridges in place, is not straight in line with the rest of the magazine design, it does not allow the bullets to enter the breach correctly. This will result in jams that impact overall performance and enjoyment of the gun.

The curve of the magazine is essential to allow the bullets to feed into the breach as needed, even with rapid firing. The outside of the magazine should also be easy to grip, and it should be easy to clean and maintain without a lot of work and effort.

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