Tips for Making Grease Trap Cleanings Easier

It isn’t a good idea to let grease go down the drain, as it can lead to clogs. Clogs can cause the sewer to back up, which can damage property. Warm grease will harden as it cools down and cause sewage to overflow. Commercial establishments that sell food are typically required to install grease traps to help catch grease that might otherwise go down the drain and cause problems. The owner of the establishment is usually required to maintain the trap. This includes Grease Trap Cleanings.

Under the Sink Versions

Under-the-sink versions of grease traps need to be cleaned regularly, with a full cleaning of the trap preferably performed at least once a month. Once a week is even better, and a plastic scoop should be used weekly to remove all of the grease from the trap, leaving behind the water. To make these Grease Trap Cleanings even easier, melt some ice in the sink, as this will help harden the grease and make it less smelly. Make sure not to purposely discharge any grease down the drains. Keeping a log of when the grease trap has last been cleaned will help make it easier to keep up to date with this process, and this record keeping is a legal requirement in some locations.

Underground Versions

When it comes to underground versions of grease traps, which are a lot larger, professional help is required for cleaning them out. These traps need to be cleaned at least once every three months or when at least 25 percent of the trap is full of a combination of solids and grease. A sewer company will need to pump it out, removing all of the waste as well as the water that is contained within the trap. If grease is overflowing and showing up further down the sewer from the trap, the local government may require that the grease trap be cleaned even more often. Likewise, it may be possible to get permission to clean the trap less often if it is shown that the trap isn’t filling up as quickly as to make quarterly cleaning necessary.

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