Tips For Keeping Your Home Free of Rats With Rats Control

No homeowner wants to find out they have rats in their home. If just a couple of rats are present, they can easily multiply and soon create an infestation. The gestation period for rats is only 19-22 days and they can have litters as large as 8-12. With females going into heat every four to five days, this means the population of rats in a home can quickly grow in size and cause major problems for homeowners. It is important homeowners fully understand how they can take measures for Rats Control.

These tips can help homeowners keep rats away from their home:

     *     It is imperative homeowners clean up trash and debris piles from around their home. Compost piles and trash can attract rats, making it more likely they will enter the home. Homeowners should keep their trash containers tightly closed, along with their compost bin so rats will have no access.

     *     Because of their body shape and flexibility, rats can enter a home through the smallest of openings. Juvenile rats can enter an opening the size of a quarter so it is important homeowners carefully check their property and seal off any cracks or openings, preferably with steel since a rat will not bite through it.

     *     Pet food should not be left out because it is very attractive to rats and they will keep coming around to feed on it.

     *     Homeowners need to check their crawlspace and make sure it stays clean and is sealed. If the insulation is not properly sealed, rats will tear it and climb inside to keep warm during the winter. This can sometimes give them access to the inside of the home.

     *     It is important homeowners keep the trees closest to their home trimmed so the limbs do not give access to the roof.

These tips should help homeowners to avoid experiencing a rat infestation. If rats are found in the home, it is imperative homeowners contact the professionals for Rats Control. If you are dealing with a rat problem in your home or business, contact Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC. They will help you get rid of your rat problem and keep your home protected from a return infestation. To see their business reviews visit Yelp page.

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