Tips for Finding Inexpensive Wood Kitchen Cabinets Online

Regardless of where you look it appears that kitchen cabinetry, especially wooden varieties are inexplicably costly. Historically, the reason for such hefty price tags was a result of the lengthy buying cycle and the complex installation process. Given that this entire process was controlled by retailers, manufacturers and custom installation experts, homeowners often felt that full service kitchen cabinet installation was necessary – which, in turn, wreaked havoc on most budgets.

In an era that has been revolutionary for the ‘digital consumer’, it has become increasingly easy for homeowners and contractors alike to find wood kitchen cabinets online that not only look good but also are affordable and high quality.

5 Tips to Saving Money When Buying Cabinets Online

1. MDF is always going to keep costs low: When purchasing cabinetry, the first decision is always what type of materials to use. When given the choice, most people will opt for 100% authentic wood. However, this comes at a much higher price tag. MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), on the other hand, is a cost effective alternative for buyers who need or want new cabinets now but don’t have the funds to invest in real wood immediately. The thing to keep in mind though is that MDF will eventually fail and should not be seen as a lifetime solution.
2. RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) is great for Do-it-Yourself Projects: RTA is a great choice for anyone looking to purchase their wood kitchen cabinets online. Traditional brick and mortar retailers (outside of Ikea-type stores) do not often carry ready to assemble kits. The majority of these cabinets come with everything that is needed, and they are easy enough for most people to assemble, with help.
3. Brand names mean very little in the cabinet industry: This isn’t the fashion industry, there is no need to purchase kitchen cabinets based on the brand name. This type of carpentry has become somewhat of a cottage industry, meaning that there are several very high quality manufacturers out there that and few people remember their names. Why pay an astronomically high fee for a brand name when you can find a greater quality product on a budget?
4. Extras always cost money: Much like most things, it is the extras and the ‘add-ons’ that really inflate the price. The same can be said with cabinets. That being said, not all extras are bad, but they don’t necessarily need to be bought together. For example, do you need to buy cabinets with existing fancy hardware, or could you save money by buying these separately?

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