Tips For Finding A Company For Custom Stainless Steel Tanks

Not all stainless steel tanks and trailers are built the same or designed for the same type of use. By finding a company with a history of building custom stainless steel tanks for a wide variety of industrial applications there is a definite advantage.

The more experience a company has with the design and manufacturing of custom stainless steel tanks the more expertise will go into the making of each and every custom tank. With experience in different industry needs, specifications, and requirements the design and manufacturing process can draw from these features to create just the tank required.

Ability to Work as a Team

When custom stainless steel tanks are required it is important for the manufacturer and the client to work carefully and collaboratively through the design and manufacturing process. In some cases, through carefully listening, the manufacturer may be able to provide a few optional changes for an existing tank, helping you to save money and cutting down on lead time to delivery.

This collaboration and teamwork is essential to ensure the tank meets all applicable regulations while also providing the client with just the right size, shape and design of tank. These types can be used for food grade chemicals, in the oil and gas industry, or for a wide variety of commercial applications. It is essential to have not only the skills and expertise but also the ability to listen and understand what the customer is looking for.

ASME Certification

It is important the company being considered for custom stainless steel tanks is ASME certified. This includes “U” stamped and national “R” stamped. A bit of research or reading on the website should confirm the Design Certifying Engineers with the company are registered with DOT.

This type of experience and expertise, as well as the registration and certification, just provides an extra level of professionalism and demonstrates the company’s commitment to the highest quality of standards.

While it is important to choose a company carefully to manufacture any custom stainless steel tanks required, it is also important to think into the future. Some but not all companies with the ability to complete custom manufacturing can also provide full repairs for all tanks, including those made by other tank manufacturers.

Choosing a top company for the design and manufacturing of custom stainless steel tanks is an investment in your equipment. With ongoing maintenance and repair services these companies can help you keep the tank and trailers on the road for years to come.

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