Tips for Cleaning Up Fire Damage in Cheyenne WY

Damage from smoke to a home’s ceilings, walls, carpets and other features can be a frustrating issue and extremely difficult to completely eradicate. There are professional removal services for Fire Damage in Cheyenne WY that can help to eliminate signs of the damage caused by a fire and the smoke, in addition to the tips for cleaning it listed here. Learn more here.

Charring and Soot

Smoke can result in discoloration and black marks on the ceiling and walls. Soot is the actual residue that is left over by the smoke and charring results when paint becomes burnt. The first step is to take time to assess the severity of the damage that has occurred in order to determine if cleaning it is a realistic option. There are many cases when it is completely impossible to clean extensive cases of charring and soot from walls that are flat-painted, with the only option being to prime and repaint the surface. There is much more success for semi-gloss and satin finishes if the charring has not gone too deep.

In order to clean this, you will need the following supplies:

* TSP -; Trisodium Phosphate cleaner (a severe chemical that requires eye and skin protection)
* Large sponges
* Buckets
* Warm/Hot water
* Rubber gloves for cleaning
* Clean rags
* Goggles

The Left Over Smoke Smell

Besides the undesirable charring and the buildup of soot, smoke from a fire will likely leave an odor that seems to hang in the space. This odor can be extremely stubborn, especially in carpets and other materials and fabrics. The good news is that there is more than one method to eliminate this smell. But it is a good idea to keep in mind if the smoke has permeated furniture, carpet or draperies, they will have to be removed and replaced prior to the smell being completely gone.

In some cases, professional carpet cleaning services can help with Fire Damage in Cheyenne WY; however, they need to be called quickly after the damage occurs. The most popular ingredients used to remove the smell of smoke include vinegar, baking soda, fresh air, activated charcoal, Febreeze or Ozone generators. Regardless of if fire damage needs to be removed from walls, ceilings, or carpeting, take the time to Contact Rocky Mountain Restoration to learn more.

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