Tips For Choosing Chevy Dealers In Mokena

Everyone has at least one horror story of a dealership that was rude, insufferable and/or sold them a lemon. However, most Chevy dealers in Mokena use good business practices and try to overcome with stigma of the dealership mantra. Likewise, it’s much easier to find what you want and get a better deal because of the Internet, making it a perfect time to find a vehicle. However, finding the right dealer requires a little bit of research.


You can glean a lot of information from a review site that talks about the dealer in question. Just make sure that they have a variety of customers of various backgrounds and that they seem honest. However, don’t think that because everyone else had a good experience, you will, as well. You still have to do your research.

Years In Business

Dealerships come and go nearly every day, so it’s important that the Chevy dealers you consider in Mokena have been in business for at least three years. They’re well-established and will likely have an excellent rating on review sites because they can’t be bad dealerships and still be successful.


The customer service representatives can tell you a lot about the dealership itself. Are they pleasant to speak with or are they rude? Call at various times throughout the day to see if you can get an answer each time. If not, they are either too busy, don’t have enough staff or don’t have employees that care.


Visit the showroom, at least once, to ensure that it’s clean. A good dealership focuses on their premises and showroom and takes pride in them looking spotless and full of vehicles.

Chevy dealers in Mokena have a lot of stigmas attached to them, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find a good deal and a reliable source. Visit Hawk Joliet at now to start your search. Folow us on our Google+ page.

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