Tips For Choosing An Effective Big Data Training In New York City

There are two different factors to consider when choosing any type of big data training in New York or elsewhere across the country. One is the final outcome of the training, and the other is the actual preparedness you will experience to take on a new job in the area of big data.

At RSquare Edge, we believe that incorporating the outcome or the certification, as well as the ability to be able to start to work on day one in this interesting field are equally important. To help our students to be successful upon completion of our training, we have incorporated several essential elements that make a meaningful difference.

Designed with Academics and Business Professionals

We believe in the interaction of academic pursuits with the need to have students trained in the skills that business requires. To help to maintain this balance in our big data training RSquare Edge includes both industry experts as well as those on the cutting edge of this discipline.

Offer the CDAP

Our 12-week intensive immersion program allows RSquare Edge graduates to obtain a CDAP or a Certified Data Analytics Practitioner designation. This sets our training apart from other types of programs that may simply offer a certificate of completion.
As business and industry are involved in the development of our program, this professional designation is already something that hiring managers are looking for with new candidates.

Connect with Potential Employees

Throughout the course of your program, we will provide you with the opportunity to meet potential employers in very diverse types of industries and organizations. To help you narrow down your areas of interest, we also provide mentorship and career guidance that our students are free to access to suit their particular future employment needs.

Hire Current Big Data Experts

Finally, a quick glance at our website information on both our New York faculty as well as our Leadership Council will help students to understand the quality of the instructors and leaders in our program.

Through the guidance of the Leadership Council and the input of the founders and the faculty, we hire only the top instructors in analytics and big data training. We also carefully choose our faculty to reflect the diversity of this technology in the workplace, giving our students different ways to consider managing big data and how it can be used in informed decision making.

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