Tips For Buying PVC Shrink Capsules

For a great looking, low-cost option to cover the cork and adding to the branding of any wine, PVC shrink capsules make an excellent choice. These capsules are durable, come in a variety of colors, and they can be customized for branding and marketing.

When looking for PVC shrink capsules, online shopping offers a considerable selection for both basic as well as fully customized designs and options. With the low cost of these wine capsules, spending a few cents more per capsule on a distinctive design is well worth the money.

Specialized Manufacturers

Many companies make a range of different stock PVC capsules as well as special order options. This allows the winery to choose different capsules for different wines, creating easy to identify varieties, but still keeping the general branding colors consistent with the label.

By choosing a specialized wine capsule manufacturer, wineries will find a better selection of both the stock options as well as the custom options. Common options in the stock colors for these capsules can include black, white, gold, silver, burgundy and bronze as well as other solid colors. Some companies also offer clear stock capsules.

Customized Options

When it comes to customizing of PVC shrink capsules, there is a wide range of choices to consider. They can be designed to look very classic and traditional, or have a distinctive image, message or color combination to make the wine stand out on the shelf or in the wine rack.

With the ease of application using a heat shrink system, there is very limited waste with these capsules. Choosing a custom design and color combination is a good investment in branding and will ensure your wine is easy to spot for both your current customer base as well as those looking for something new.

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