Tips for Arranging a Rental with a Commercial Dumpster Service in Berkeley Heights, NJ

Purchasing that older office building will prove to be a good move once some improvements are made. Along with getting rid of the broken furniture and junk scattered around the building, there is also the need to make some structural changes. That will involve hauling away quite a bit of debris. In order to make sure everything is done properly, it pays to work with a Commercial Dumpster Service in Berkeley Heights NJ. Here are some tips that will help ensure the rental goes smoothly.

Consider the Number and Type of Units Needed

Have a professional from the Commercial Dumpster Service in Berkeley Heights NJ, come to the site and walk through the building. Discuss the plans for cleaning out and then renovating the property. Expect the professional to take notes during the conversation. Before the meeting ends, the professional will have some suggestions on the types of dumpsters to secure for each phase of the project. Depending on the size of the building and the amount of work involved, it may be wise to rent several dumpsters to spot strategically around the grounds. Listen closely to the suggestions, since they are coming from someone who has seen what has worked for customers in similar circumstances.

The Duration of the Rental Period

While it will be easy enough to determine how long it will take to empty the building of old furniture and other items, projecting how long the structural changes will take can be tricky. Allow a little more time than the contractor indicates is needed. That helps to build in some extra time if the weather makes it impossible to work for a day or two. As part of the deal, make sure the rental agreement does include the option of extending the rental if necessary.

Picking Up and Dropping Fresh Containers

Since the project will take several weeks, having the service pick up the full dumpsters and replace them with empty ones needs to be part of the plan. Set up a schedule that ensures there is always a place to dump unwanted items.

For help with planning a dumpster rental, visit and arrange to speak with a professional. With a little planning, the right resources will be on hand for the duration of the renovation. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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