Tips Before You Go to a Dealer for a New Car

Shopping at a car dealership is so much fun—said no one ever. It can be a stressful and daunting experience if you have no idea where to start. Before you head off to a New Ford car dealer in Oak Ridge TN, here are a few tips to help you.

Time it right

Car dealers are much more likely to work for incentives when it’s already closer to the end of the month, quarter or year. You’ll want to time you’re your purchase to coincide with those time periods. That will increase your chances of getting the best deal.

Know how much

It’s ideal to have a list of cars that fit your budget and needs before you go to a New Ford car dealer in Oak Ridge TN. Research your options. Find out how much they’re worth on average. That should tell you if the dealer is overcharging you for the car or giving it to you at a steal, the U.S. News says.

Check for discounts

Don’t forget to ask for discounts. Some may apply to you if you belong to any of the three groups: AAA members, students and military veterans.

Know the long-term costs

Don’t focus too much on the monthly cost of the car. Low monthly rates don’t guarantee a good price. Consider the loan term as well. Focus on the total price of the car. That way, you know how much you’re paying for. If you pick a longer loan term, you could have low monthly payments but you’ll be spending more on the interest. That’s not the best deal to go for.

Walk away

If you don’t find a car you like, don’t be pressured into buying a different make and model before you’ve done proper research. Be prepared to walk away until you find the right deal.

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