Times to Get Well Testing Services in Grants Pass OR

Well water is the common replacement to city water. But unlike water from the city, the well gets it directly from the source. Even though there are natural sources feeding the well, pollutants from many industries can taint the water sources leaving to unsafe drinking water. These are the different situations in which the water should be tested.

When the well is first accessed and the system is nearly ready to go, call in for Well Testing Services Grants Pass OR. This will test the water’s composition and determine which types of contaminants are present in the water. Depending on the test results, further filtration methods may have to be applied to ensure that the water is safe for consumption by people and livestock. The test will also determine if there is excess minerals such as iron in the water source.

If contaminants such as pesticides, a chemical spill has occurred in the area, cow manure, chicken manure or runoff from farms is possible, the well should be tested on a regular basis. Many of these sources carry different type of bacteria that can spread throughout the water system. Even with natural filtration, some of this can still wind up in the water. This put livestock and family members at risk of getting ill.

The Well Testing Services Grants Pass OR should also be called in if the well levels dramatically change such as what can happen during a drought or flood. Both types of environmental impacts will change the composition of the water. A drought may concentrate certain types of minerals which can result in higher readings than have been in the past. A flood may bring in different type of contaminants from other water sources. These changes are not visible and only testing can determine if the well has been compromised. Click here for more details.

While well water can be an efficient means to access water, it is also susceptible to changes in the environment. Testing should be done when the well is first opened, if contamination is suspected or if there have been dramatic changes in the water level. For more information on getting wells properly tested, contact Neilson Research Corporation.

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