Time for Some Help: Leaving Mice Removal in St. Paul to the Experts

Mice have a way of settling into the home before anyone realizes what has happened. The first signs are holes chewed in food packages or a shadow scurrying across a baseboard. By that time, an infestation is already established. Instead of setting a few traps and hoping for the best, it makes sense to cal a professional who knows exactly how to handle the take of mice removal in St. Paul. Here is what the professional will do for the client.

A Full Home Inspection

Before anything can be done about the problem, it helps to know how severe the infestation happens to be. The expert in Mice Removal in St. Paul will want to check the home from the attic to the basement. Even a look around the exterior walls will be in order. By the time the professional is done, there will be no doubt about the extent of the infestation. That information will make it possible to come up with a plan of action.

The First Round of Treatments

After talking with the client about treatment options, the professional will begin the first round. This will usually involve the use of products that will cause the mice to die. Traps that are more efficient than the traditional kind will also be placed in strategic spots in and around the house. Between these two strategies, it won’t be long until the infestation is under control.

Checking Back

The pro will be back in a couple of weeks to see how things are going. That will mean checking the traps and replacing them with a fresh set. Another inspection of the home will determine if there are any new signs of activity. If not, then the focus will be on making sure the mice cannot invade the home again.

There is no reason to deal with mice in the home. Call the team at Be There Pest Control LLC today and arrange for a professional to pay a visit. Point out any signs of activity that family members have already noticed. After checking the home thoroughly, it will be easy to determine the best course of treatment and eliminate the pest problem.

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