Three Ways to Care For Designer Eyeglasses in Chelsea NY

Finding the right pair of eyeglasses can prove to be a big time and money investment. Between the time consumed while searching for the right pair and then having to pay for the new lenses, it is no wonder why you will want to take the very best care of eyeglasses. Follow these three tips to make sure that the new glasses last as long as possible.

Store Them Properly

When the glasses are not being worn, make sure they are being stored properly. Most Designer Eyeglasses in Chelsea NY will come with a microfiber pouch or case. Carefully place the glasses in their pouch or case when they’re taken off. Protecting them in their case will keep dirt and dust away from the lenses. In turn, there will be fewer scratches on the lenses. Keeping them in their pouch or case will also reduce the chance of the glasses bending or breaking.

Clean and Dry

Wash eyeglasses at least once daily. This will keep them in the best shape. Plus, the cleaner the eyeglasses are, the less strain your eyes will endure will trying to see through them. It is also important to dry the lenses properly. Never use toilet paper or paper towels on eyeglasses. This will scratch the lenses. Instead, allow them to air dry. If in a rush and air drying is not a possibility, use a fiber cloth that is lint free. If you choose to use a chemical cleaner on eyeglasses, make sure to use one that is specifically used to clean eyeglasses. Stay away from Windex and other glass cleaners as they are not made for lenses and can tear the coating off the lens. Visit here to get more information.

Grip Correctly

When gripping or picking up new eyeglasses, make sure to always grip at the piece that crosses the nose. Doing this will reduce the chances of bending the frame. It can be extremely difficult for eyeglasses to sit properly on your face when the frame is bent. It also can be difficult to see out of the eyeglasses if they are bent.

Follow these three tips to keep your eyeglasses in perfect condition and visit to find the right pair of Designer Eyeglasses in Chelsea NY. With their wide selection of exclusive eyewear, they surely have a pair that is just perfect for you.

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