Three Valuable Tips on How to Succeed in a Personal Injury Hearing

In the event an accident case goes to court, the plaintiff will likely face a line of questioning prior to the trial known as hearings. Hearings are done so that the attorney, the opposite party and their counsel can learn more about the injured victim and the incident. Hearings are done under oath and in front of a court report to make sure that all facts remain consistent, and they do not change throughout the trial. The testimonial the plaintiff gives during a hearing largely determines the success of their case. If the testimony is strong, it will help the accident attorney in winning the case. That is why it is essential to prepare for a hearing properly. Here are some valuable tips on how to succeed in a Personal Injury hearing.

Tip 1: Take time and be polite with the questioner

It is essential to be polite with the questioners by simply answering the questions and not being confrontational. After being asked a question, do not think out loud. Just think to yourself, and then proceed with a verbal response. If the attorney objects to a question, do not answer the question until they give the permission to proceed.

Tip 2: Say less, but answer all questions clearly

In most cases, the at-fault party’s attorney will attempt to use logic to get the plaintiff’s testimony to contradict with the story that is given in trial. Saying less and answering all the questions clearly, reduces the odd of any contradictions. Where possible, consider answering a question with a simple yes or no.

Tip 3: Avoid answering with head nods

It is vital to give an adequate verbal response to all the questions asked using real words. The use of non-verbal cues, such as head nods is discouraged since the court reporter will be typing what is being said.

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