Three Steps to Take Before an Instant Turf Installation Service in Ashburn, Virginia

Laying sod allows people to have an instantly beautiful lawn. The fresh green grass ends the battle with mud in the house tracked in from bare spots in the yard. Weeds become a worry of the past, rainwater filters through without building up along walkways, and the yard is a cooler and softer place to walk and play. Reduce the risk of the sod dying after an Instant Turf Installation Service in Ashburn VA by hiring professionals to install the sod and by improving the quality of the yard beforehand.

Balance the Soil

Take a soil test a couple of months before the sod installation and make any adjustments needed. Lawn grass thrives in soil with a pH level of about 6.5. Lime helps to raise the level to prevent an alkaline soil and sulfur and sphagnum peat lower the level for less acidic soil. Plan because it can take as much as a few weeks to adjust the pH level in the soil correctly.

Remove the Grass

Remove any existing vegetation from the yard, even grass that appears dead. The removal allows the sod to have easier access to the soil, and it removes the weeds and unwanted grass types to prevent any new growth through the sod. Digging up dead grass can even help to identify soil issues that caused the grass to die. The removal of the grass also makes it easier to level the soil, so the yard looks smooth and flat after installation.

Prepare the Soil

Till the ground to remove any remaining organic matter and rocks and rake the entire surface to level the ground. Water the yard generously a day or two before the sod installation. Do not water the yard the day of an Instant Turf Installation Service in Ashburn VA because the soil should be moist, but not wet.

The installers will explain how to care for the sod to ensure it takes root and stays healthy. Follow their instructions to guarantee the finished product is as beautiful as possible. Contact us with the square footage of the area that needs new coverage or to learn how to measure appropriately to avoid any disappointments.

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