Three Reasons Injured Victims Need an Automobile Accident Lawyer in Tucson AZ

When an auto accident has left behind serious injuries, it is important a victim understands their rights and knows the steps they will need to take so they can receive fair compensation. Hiring a lawyer will allow a victim to protect themselves as they go through the process of pursuing compensation for their measurable damages. With the help of an automobile accident lawyer in Tucson, AZ, victims are more likely to receive a fair settlement.

These three reasons should prompt a victim to seek a lawyer:

* Working with an insurance company can be stressful. The insurance adjuster is working to protect their company from paying out large amounts of money. If a victim is not represented by a lawyer, they could end up being forced to settle for a smaller amount than their claim is worth. When a victim is represented by a lawyer, the insurance company no longer contacts the victim directly.

* The average person does not have a full knowledge of the laws regarding their rights to pursue a claim and who can be held liable for their injuries. It is vital a victim knows how much their claim is worth so they can be sure they pursue the method that will allow them to receive the highest level of compensation. In a study published by the Insurance Research Council, it was found those who hire a lawyer receive around 40% more in their settlement than those who do not.

* Insurance companies are notorious for unfairly denying claims. If the insurance company denies the claim or refuses to settle fairly, it behooves a victim to seek the help of an automobile accident lawyer in Tucson, AZ. When a denial occurs, the lawyer can file a complaint in court and start the trial process so a judge and jury can hear the case.

If you are the victim of a serious auto accident that was the fault of another driver, a lawyer can help. Contact the office of Price and Price Law and allow them to schedule your consultation meeting. With the help of a lawyer, you can receive the fair compensation you deserve.

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