Three Myths about House Cleaning Services

More people would sign on for house cleaning service if they knew the truth about house cleaning services.  There are 3 myths that That’s Clean Maids are working hard to dispel so that more people can take advantage of the great services that can help to free up their time.
1. Only rich people have maids
2. Only lazy people have maids
3. You have to choose the package you are offered

That’s Clean Maids has been working to get rid of the myth that only rich people deserve a clean space.  When you have the option of selecting from a menu of services that can be tailor fitted to your lifestyle and budget it makes services very affordable.

That’s Clean Maids are so committed to getting rid of the “cleaning is for the rich” by offering a “no contract” option for services. You can choose which services you want and are never bound to a long term commitment, unless you choose one.

The Myth is Only the Lazy Have Maids

At That’s Clean Maids we like to say “it’s not lazy to have some help it is smart”.  Juggling work, home, kids, family obligations, social engagements and all the rest can be impossible. Everyone on the planet gets 24 hours a day, and everyone has to sleep at one point, house cleaning services can help to balance your time nicely and help you to prioritize the more important things in life.

Flexibility is Our Middle Name!

Don’t listen to the nay sayers that have had a bad experience with other services that demanded that they sign a contract and accept all of the services that they did not need. We never do that. We let you choose the services that you want and just bill ala carte!  Don’t believe the myths get the facts from That’s Clean Maids!

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