Three Benefits Of Implant Dentistry In Bethesda, MD

Individuals who have to choose between dentures and dental implants to replace their missing teeth often decide to have implants. The popularity of this dental procedure keeps increasing because of the many benefits of Implant Dentistry in Bethesda MD. To learn why this procedure continues to be favored by many individuals, read the information below.

Permanent Tooth Replacement

Many individuals prefer getting dental implants because this procedure is a permanent one. Dental implants usually last for a person’s lifetime and, once the procedure is complete, individuals normally won’t have any other types of tooth problems. They won’t have to worry about getting cavities, having a tooth filled, or needing a root canal procedure. Individuals who have dental implants should still make regular dental appointments with a dental professional for routine oral examinations.

Natural Appearance

Some individuals are hesitant to get dentures because they don’t think their dentures will look natural. This can be a problem for some people if the teeth in their dentures appear too big or too small. Dentures can also slip when individuals are speaking or eating and this can lead to an embarrassing situation. Since a dentist who specializes in Implant Dentistry in Bethesda MD places the implants directly into the jawbone, they won’t become loose, and they’ll look just like a person’s real teeth.

Convenient and Easy Care

Taking care of dentures can be irritating because individuals have to take them out of their mouth to thoroughly clean them. To keep their dentures from becoming discolored, individuals must place them in a solution and soak them for several hours. This process is often inconvenient for people to do every day. When individuals have a dental implant procedure, they don’t have to do anything special to take care of their implants. Cleaning dental implants consist of brushing them with a toothbrush and toothpaste to keep them clean and bright.

Individuals in Bethesda who want to learn more about the benefits of dental implants can contact Aspen Hill Implant & Family Dentistry PC for a consultation. This dental clinic also provides additional family dentistry services, which include fillings, extractions, root canals, teeth whitening, and veneers.

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