Three Benefits Of Dog Boarding Kennels In Millersville At A Veterinary Facility

When dog owners have to leave their pets overnight, someone has to watch the pet while the owner is away. Many times it’s difficult to find a trusting person to stay with a pet until the owner returns. If you frequently find yourself in this situation, consider taking your pet to an animal clinic that offers Dog Boarding Kennels in Millersville. To learn about three benefits of boarding your dog while you’re away, read the information below.

Less Stressful For Dogs

Many dogs become anxious when their owner is away and if they have to stay at home several hours by themselves. Some dogs even become destructive and tear up furniture and their owner’s personal belongings when they’re not at home. Dogs are often apprehensive at first when they arrive at a boarding kennel, but it doesn’t take long before they’re comfortable in their surroundings and they’ll enjoy their stay.

Pets Are Safe

Dog owners who board their pets at a boarding facility that’s located in a veterinary facility won’t have to worry if their pet is safe while they’re away. The staff at the facility has extensive knowledge about pets, and if the animals do become ill, they can be checked out by a qualified veterinarian who works at the animal hospital. Dogs who have to take certain medications will get the proper dosage by a trained staff member at the boarding facility.

Dogs Get Proper Care

When a dog owner leaves their pet at an animal hospital that offers Dog Boarding Kennels in Millersville, the animal will receive the best nutrition and care during the entire visit. The dogs are also exercised on a regular basis throughout the day, and they stay in a clean environment while at the facility.

If you need to go away for a few days, and you need a safe place for your pet to stay, contact Gambrills Veterinary Clinic to inquire about their boarding services. This comprehensive animal clinic also provides veterinary treatment for animals and exotics. To learn more information or to schedule an appointment for any of their services, visit the website.

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