Those Itchy Marks You Find When You Wake up Might be Bed bug Bites

There are a lot of times that people wake up in the middle of the night have spots on them itching. Sometimes you have bed bugs and you do not know it until you finally see one. Oftentimes people blame it on fleas, but that is not what it is. Bed bugs are not easy to find, but it is possible. You can check your bedding, pillows and mattress and if you see small spots of either blood or their feces, you probably have bed bugs.

The Solution to Bed Bugs

You should not be embarrassed if you have bed bugs, but a professional company will still be as discrete as possible when treating your home. Bed Bug treatment in Richmond VA often use a thermal heat technique to kill the bed bugs so you do not have to worry about anything toxic being distributed in your home. Thermal heat will also kill eggs and lice. You will have to leave your house for a few hours while the thermal heat works on killing the bed bugs. The thermal heat technique was designed specifically to kill bed bugs and will not harm any of your furnishings. Bed bugs have become a problem all across America but you can get rid of them.

Treatment for Commercial or Residential

Professional companies that offer the service of thermal heat as a way to kill bed bugs do not just treat a residential home. A lot of commercial companies have also been known to have bed bugs. You can ask the company that is treating your home or business if they offer a guarantee that this will fix the bed bug issue. Most professional companies will offer you a satisfaction guarantee.

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