Things to Keep In Mind When Buying a Hearth Rug

Hearth rugs are integral to creating that warm, welcoming environment you want in a living area. However, picking a hearth rug is not just a matter of choosing a design you like. Hearth rugs are specially designed to withstand sparks and protect the flooring beneath. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a hearth rug in New Jersey.

First, measure the size of your hearth area and fireplace. This may seem obvious, but remember that the hearth is likely to be a lot larger than the fireplace itself. Your taste and design preferences will influence the size of the rug you choose.

Second, what material do you prefer? The texture of the rug should blend in with other elements in the room including wall finishes, carpet versus flooring, and upholstery.

All hearth rugs are by definition fire and heat resistant. However, some materials like fiberglass offer even more protection and long-term durability. Wool is classic material, and while it is not flammable, it may not be as impervious to small singing as synthetic materials like nylon or fiberglass.

You might also want to consider placing a pad underneath the hearth rug for additional warmth and protection. A hearth stone specialist like NJ Gravel and Sand can help you understand the differences between different materials and offer advice based on the type of flooring or flagstone you have.

The shape of heath rugs is semi-circular, but modern home designs have welcomed a much greater array of shapes and sizes. Some companies might even offer you the opportunity to custom design a hearth or fireplace rug to meet your specifications.
Your hearth is the heart of your home. A hearth rug completes the cozy feeling that fireplaces are intended to create. No matter what its material or design, a hearth rug keeps your family warm and safe all year round.

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