There Are Several Methods for Sewer Main Repair in Arlington VA

commercial-septic-pumping-lake-hopatcong-nj-accurate-waste-systems-supportThe first step in repairing a sewer main is to run a video camera into the line to send back a clear picture of where the line needs repair. Older homes may have a cast iron sewer main which has rusted and has begun to break up. The pieces will form a clog and eventually trap waste material and paper.


There are methods for repairing a sewer main, and each depends on the problem with the line. One method frequently used is the trenchless repair. This method does not require digging up the dirt except in one very small spot. The sewer main is relined with a special pipe made of a material that will last up to 50 years. This pipe is inserted in a hole dug near the home foundation and then it is run out to the city main. The sewer main line must be thoroughly cleaned by Hydro-Jetting and then inspected to be sure the line is completely open. Sewer main repair technician in Arlington, VA can handle this task.


There are other methods of relining the total main line using epoxy and a plastic line which is inflated in place. This system is very involved and most likely more work than required.


Another repair involves inserting an inflatable bladder into the damaged pipe. This repair is centered to cover the damaged pipe section. When it is pressed tight against the sewer main line piece that is broken, it will create a repaired pipe that will last for many years. There is very little disruption to the yard.


There are several options for repairing a main sewer line, but before any repair is attempted a video inspection of the line is required. Regardless of the method, the line must be free of blockages and broken pipes. Then the pipe must be cleaned by Hydro-Jetting the line to remove any debris on the wall of the line. The video camera must be inserted again to review the line. If the line is totally clean, then the work can begin.


If the main line happens to broken up, then you will need to consult with an experienced plumber on the repair that is available.

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