There are options if your vehicle transmission fails

The transmission in your vehicle is one of the most important components, without it, the vehicle will go nowhere. Although transmissions are built to last they can fail and when this happens there are several options that the vehicle owner will be offered. Each option has advantages and disadvantages; the factors that often come into play are cost, quality and timing. A remanufactured transmission is often the option chosen, but there are others.

Rebuilt transmissions:

When a transmission is rebuilt it is first disassembled and subjected to an inspection. Any parts which are found to be damaged or severely worn are replaced and the transmission is reassembled ready for installation back into a vehicle. At the same time as “hard parts” are replaced, “soft parts” such as gaskets, seals and perhaps clutches and bands are also replaced. The term rebuilt is used when it is the transmission from the vehicle that removed and rebuilt. The work is done by a transmission specialist. You may hear different terms such as reconditioned, overhauled or refurbished but all these terms refer to a rebuilt transmission.

Remanufactured transmission:

A rebuilt and remanufactured transmission is somewhat the same, the difference is, the work done on the remanufactured transmission is performed in a factory setting rather than a mechanics garage. There are two approaches taken to remanufacturing a transmission; the first approach uses multiple workers, each of which is skilled in a specific area. The transmission will be disassembled by one person, another person may do the inspection, while several other people will be involved in the replacement of components and a final individual will reassemble the unit.

Other companies that remanufacture transmissions will use one skilled individual for doing the work on a specific family of transmissions. There will be a technician who deals with transmissions from one vehicle manufacturer while other technicians will deal with transmissions from other manufacturers.

Regardless of the approach, the completed remanufactured transmission is subjected to a battery of tests and then put up for sale to service centers as well as vehicle dealerships.


There are many cars written off by insurance companies for reasons that have nothing to do with the power train. The car may be a total wreck but the transmission is still in good condition, perhaps with few miles on it. A used transmission will usually cost less than either a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission but “buyer beware,” there is no warranty or fall back in the event it fails.

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