There are numerous types of glass shower doors

There are many different types of shower doors. Companies that are involved in shower door sales in Salinas display doors with frames or without, the glass can be clear, etched or textured. It is not just the glass; the door can fold, slide or be hinged. For safety’s sake shower doors use tempered glass but this can be treated with certain coatings that eliminate water spots and streaks.

A common shower door is one which is framed. The frame materials used can include stainless steel, brushed nickel, aluminum, brass and even silver plating. In the majority of cases the material or the finish that is chosen compliments the hardware used on the bathroom cabinets and fixtures.

For those who desire an open look, without having any visual obstruction, frameless shower doors are readily available. As the glass does not benefit from an additional frame for strength, the glass is thicker. There is no need to finish the glass edges for framed doors; however, for frameless doors the edges are polished because they are visible. It is relatively easy for a professional glazier to shape frameless doors into various designs; the top can be arched, bowed or wavy while different designs can be employed along the edges. It is even possible to bow the door; this feature is quite unique and gives a modern bathroom a distinctive feature.

Companies that are involved in the shower door sales in Salinas often install them as well. While the door design is being selected, attention must be given to the way the door will be hung. In some cases space constraints make a folding door the better option, in other cases the door can be designed to slide or suspended from hinges. In cases where the shower door is mounted on the rail of a bath tub it is often best to install a door with multiple folding panels.

All glass that is used for shower doors is tempered, this makes it extremely difficult to break in the event the occupant of the shower should slip and fall against the door. Many homeowner opt for etched or textured glass, this type of glass offers an element of privacy although some designs add more than others.

The thickness of the glass can be selected by the homeowner; the common thicknesses are .25 to .50 inches. There are coatings that can be applied that prevent the accumulation of soap scum and water spots.

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